Take Your Child on a Date

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One of the memories I cherish most with my daughter Kara was a daddy-daughter party that was sponsored by our local church youth organization. It was a dinner, dance and game night at the church cultural hall. Among the activities were some competition games (including a pie eating contest), a dinner, photos taken of dad and daughter in costumes provided, and a little game show activity where dads and daughters were able to answer questions about each other. I still have that silly photo from about ten years ago now and remember the evening fondly.

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Be a Good Dad for Your Son: Solve the Communication Puzzle

Be a Good Dad for Your Son: Solve the Communication Puzzle

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By Carey Casey

Think about the last conversation you had with your child. Did you walk away feeling closer to him, or did it raise your blood pressure by a few points? Was your child smiling, or looking for something else to do? Or was he rolling his eyes?

For every dad, good communication is vital. Although some dads are fantastic at getting their kids to open up for those heart-to-heart talks, it’s more like a puzzle for many guys. And if we aren’t great at it, how can we equip our children to be good communicators.

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Farming at home: The AeroGarden. Part 2

An ongoing review. Part two.

By Clint Botha

So we’ve been using the Aero Garden for one week.

What we like:

- It works.incredibly well! Things are sprouting like crazy. Everything but the dill (which is okay, as it turns out I don’t particularly like dill.)

- It is ridiculously simple to use. No watering, no constant need to watch it (which we do anyway because it’s just so cool to see how quickly they’re growing.)

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Farming at home. The AeroGarden.

An ongoing review. Part one.

By Clint Botha

I’ve had a desire to grow my own vegetables and herbs for a while. I don’t want to guilt trip anybody. These are my own feelings on why I want to try this little experiment.

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40 iOS 6 Features You’ll Actually Care About

Via Gotta Be Mobile

By Josh Smith

  1. FaceTime over 3G and 4G – Make FaceTime calls over cellular connections.
  2. Facebook Integration – Share photos to Facebook from Photos app and Like Apps.

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Seven fears expectant fathers face

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By Jerrold Lee Shapiro

From the moment you learn of your partner’s pregnancy, you’re thrust into a strange new world and encouraged to participate in the pregnancy and birth process. Yet, you may feel awkward about sharing your fears and insecurities. That’s only natural. Here are seven common fears faced by fathers-to-be

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21 Tips for Raising Kids with ADHD When You Have ADHD Too

Edited and reposted from PsychCentral

By Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) tends to run in families, so it’s common for both parent and child to struggle with the disorder. Naturally, this can create unique challenges when it comes to parenting.

“Having ADD and parenting a child with ADD has been one of the most difficult challenges in my life,” said Terry Matlen, ACSW, a psychotherapist and coach who specializes in ADHD and is founder and director of ADDConsults.com. Matlen’s daughter has ADHD and other special needs. She frequently hears from parents with ADHD who also worry about their ability to parent.

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