Take Your Child on a Date

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One of the memories I cherish most with my daughter Kara was a daddy-daughter party that was sponsored by our local church youth organization. It was a dinner, dance and game night at the church cultural hall. Among the activities were some competition games (including a pie eating contest), a dinner, photos taken of dad and daughter in costumes provided, and a little game show activity where dads and daughters were able to answer questions about each other. I still have that silly photo from about ten years ago now and remember the evening fondly.

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21 Tips for Raising Kids with ADHD When You Have ADHD Too

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By Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) tends to run in families, so it’s common for both parent and child to struggle with the disorder. Naturally, this can create unique challenges when it comes to parenting.

“Having ADD and parenting a child with ADD has been one of the most difficult challenges in my life,” said Terry Matlen, ACSW, a psychotherapist and coach who specializes in ADHD and is founder and director of ADDConsults.com. Matlen’s daughter has ADHD and other special needs. She frequently hears from parents with ADHD who also worry about their ability to parent.

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Parenting Children With Allergies

Tips for coping with the stress of your child’s chronic allergies.

By Jennifer Nelson

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Reviewed by Brunilda Nazario, MD

One in four U.S. children suffers from allergies. If your child is one of them, you know the drill: They can feel run down, develop secondary sinus infections or asthma, and be cranky. Allergies can be downright miserable for everyone in the family.

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Myths and misperceptions about school bullying : Overcoming stereotypes and false perceptions of school bullying and child bullying

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There’s no bullying here

It’s in schools which say “there’s no bullying here” that you are most likely to find bullying. Bullying happens in every school; good schools are proactive in their approach and deal with incidents of bullying promptly, firmly and fairly. Bad schools deny it, ignore it, justify it, rationalise it, handle it inappropriately, sweep it under the carpet, blame the victim of bullying, blame the parents of the victim of bullying, say they’ve “ticked all the boxes” and make lots of impressive noises but take no substantive action.

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30 great books for dads to read their kids.

1.) Baby Dance by Ann Taylor – While Mom is napping, Dad comforts his baby daughter and soon they are dancing and singing their way through this action poem. A great addition to board-book collections.

2.) Because Your Daddy Loves You by Andrew Clements – A book paying tribute to a dad’s unconditional love and patience. It’s nice to see a book promoting the positives of a father-child relationship.

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Daddy-Daughter Dates.

Something I try to do on a regular basis is take my 3 year old on dates. Just the two of us. I plan to do the same with her younger sister when she can begin to appreciate it. We use to go to Starbucks once a week together. I’d have the coffee. Of course. She’d have a fruit juice and share a breakfast sandwich with me. We switched to The Pantry this last year. Starbucks didn’t offer smiley face pancakes with chocolate chips.

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Toys of Value: Back to basics.

I love well crafted toys. Maybe it’s nostalgia. Maybe it’s wanting to be a part of creating nostalgia for my own children through toys that hold their quality for a lifetime and more. If we think of the toys of yore, they were solid. You can find rocking horses from the 1700’s in near perfect condition. We don’t have to go that far back. Carved toys, wood cars, an old snow sled or wagon. They may need a little patching up, but it’s hard to see our plastic toys coming close to those in 100 years.

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